Siân Lindley, Microsoft Research Cambridge
Xiang Cao, John Helmes & Abigail Sellen
Story: Kings College School, Cambridge
Photo: Micosoft Research Cambridge
Illustrations: Boris Design Studio


TellTable is a storytelling system designed to support creativity and collaboration amongst children. Characters and scenery are created through photography and drawing, and used like puppets while the story is narrated and recorded. A two-week deployment in in a school library showed how creativity and play at school is bound up with broadcasting oneself, inspiring others, and learning from peers.

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Extra stuff:


TellTable project webpage


CSCW 2010 paper: Telling the Whole Story: Anticipation, Inspiration and Reputation in a Field Deployment of TellTable (PDF)


ITS 2009 paper: Developing the Story: Designing an Interactive Storytelling Application (PDF)